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Nutrition Tune-Ups
Nutrition Counseling
21 Day-Sugar Detox Coach
Are you eating well and taking care of yourself, but aren’t seeing the results you want, like weight loss or muscle gain? Or perhaps you are basically healthy but you don’t feel awesome. Your energy is low, you don't sleep well, or you have frequent headaches or stomachaches. Then you need a Tune Up.  We will go over your 5-day diet log and see where you could make improvements.  I’ll send you home with ideas for tweaking your diet, lifestyle habits and exercise regime to get you back on track. 

Rate:  90 minutes for $75.

​Nutrition counseling comes into play either when you aren’t feeling well, you’re dealing with one or more chronic illnesses, or you’ve had a diagnosis from a doctor that something is wrong (blood work numbers are off, or you have a new health condition). You've decided that it's time to make some positive changes so you can feel better, be more active or get off your medications. I delve into your medical history, health history, your eating patterns, and lifestyle habits to identify areas that need change or support.  Through targeted nutrition and specific supplementation, we will work together to correct the underlying causes of your dis-ease and get you on the road to feeling well again.
  • Initial appointment:  90 minutes for $75
  • Follow-up appointments 45 minutes for $40
Does sugar have you in it's clutches? Are you overweight, tired all the time, hungry all the time, unable to get through the day without coffee and baked goods? Then the 21-Day Sugar Detox may be perfect for you!

See the 21DSD page for more information on how 3 short weeks can turn around your health and set you on the path to greater vitality and food freedom!
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 Wellness Classes
Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids Sugar Detox Challenge
I have designed classes that can be delivered to a variety of audiences:  office personnel, school staff, parents, etc. I have set presentations but can develop topics and presentations based upon your needs or ideas.  

Here is a sample of classes:

Fundamentals of Going Paleo 

How to Pack a Healthier School Lunch

Sugar - It's Not as Sweet as You Think

Eating for Health and Vitality

Pricing is negotiable

The Family-Sized Sugar Detox Challenge is a 3-week program designed to help families step-down their sugar intake. 

Sugar is insidious and most of us (and children especially) eat far more than we'd like to admit.  

High sugar consumption negatively impacts a child's ability to focus, remember, learn and behave well in school.  And it's not good for parents, either!

This challenge will help you get a grip on the Family Sugar Demon and set everyone on a path to being their best self.

See the Family-Sized Sugar Detox Challnege page for dates and times.

Price:  $75 per family

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