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Holistic Nutrition for the whole family



CLASS 1: PARENTS ONLY. We discuss the whys and hows of the detox, and how to prepare your family and your kitchen for the program

CLASS 2:  FAMILY. I lay out the program, discuss the health effects of a diet high in sugar and refined foods, and how sugar works in the body.  We kick off the WEEK 1 CHALLENGE and BONUS CHALLENGE

CLASS 3:  FAMILY.  We discuss the basics of nutrition and how to build a "better plate."  We kick off the WEEK 2 CHALLENGE and BONUS CHALLENGE.

CLASS 4:  FAMILY.  We discuss the others pillars of health important to kids (and adults): sleep and exercise.  We kick off the WEEK 3 CHALLENGE and BONUS CHALLENGE

I​​​Kids love sugar, but deep down, you know it's not good for them, and that they shouldn't be eating so much.  High sugar and refined-food consumption negatively impacts a child's ability to learn, remember, and focus, as well as behave well, manage their moods, sleep well, and be healthy.

Left to their own devices, kids will eat nothing but junk food.  It is designed to hook them, and it works!  It is up to their parents or guradians to teach them how to eat well, and more importantly, WHY to eat well.

This 3-week Challenge is desgined to gradually reduce a family's sugar consumption, so it's easier to manage.  I will teach you and your family how to make better choices around food, and give you the knowledge you need to eat for optimal wellness and vitality.  

Sugar is highly addicitive - that has been proven.  Learning to tame the Sugar Dragon is critically important for a person's long-term health, no matter their age. Join me and let me give you the knowledge and tools you need to slay the Sugar Dragon.

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The price is $75 per family.

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